Adult League

Our RLB (Rock League Baseball) adult product is one of the largest adult baseball leagues in the United States, representing over 50 teams and over 800 players in the greater Milwaukee area. RLB was formed in 2013 through a merger of Milwaukee MSBL and the Milwaukee Baseball League. We are a proud member of national MSBL, which represents a brotherhood of over 45,000 adult hardball players across the United States, playing in tournaments all over the US, including the largest baseball tournament in the world – the MSBL World Series. Our age divisions are 18+, 28+. 35+, 45, 55+ and 62+. League play starts late April and goes through August/September.

RLB Adult League is brought to you by Miller Lite…the original light beer.

RLB Adult Game Times:
Monday - Friday: 7:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am, 12:15pm, 3:30pm, & 7:00pm


 2018 RLB Player Waiver   *All players must submit a waiver


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18+ League

Our 18+ league strictly abides by MLB rules fostering top-level competition at the adult level. Join a group of some of the most talented players & teams in the greater Milwaukee area for a one-of-a-kind experience!

28+ League

The 28+ league is competitive & challenging at the post-collegiate level. Blend sharp skills, mental toughness, & game knowledge that only comes with experience to give you a feel for our 28+ league.  Candidate teams & players are always welcome to apply.

35+ League

Still want to be challenged, but want a little more freedom & flexibility in game management? The 35+ league blends excellent competition with the freedom to substitute players in & out of the game.  Join up today if you still have the skills to compete!

45+ League

If you make it to our 45+ league, you are doing something right.  This league is full of outstanding players still making their mark on amateur baseball. With all teams being competitive, teams are always looking for that player that will help give them the edge over the competition. Sign up today to help find your future team.

55+ League

Don’t let that large number fool you; these guys can still play. In addition, these are some of the classiest & funniest guys around. Looking for a fun, competitive way to play ball with the guys? Join up with the 55+ league to keep the dream going!

62+ League

Now this league is enough to impress anyone. 62 year old still playing competitive baseball? Its true and its at The Rock Sports Complex. Still have what it takes? Get involved & keep those competitive juices flowing!